Who are Axel and Josh?

Axel Dunbar was in love in high school. As much as a person that young can be, anyway. He’d planned on going into the Army and making the military his career, but his girlfriend announced that she was pregnant and that changed everything for Axel. After the initial shock wore off, Axel put the military on the backburner and decided he’d get a job and support his girlfriend and their baby.

Life has a way of kicking you in the gut and then hugging you and saying it’s sorry. After graduation, Axel’s girlfriend told him she’d had an abortion and was leaving to go off to college. He was devastated. He’d resigned himself to doing the right thing, and, she didn’t give him a choice. The feeling of betrayal was overwhelming.

So, Axel went into the Army with a chip on his shoulder and threw himself into being the best damned soldier he could be. And he was good. Real good. So he’d made it his career. That was until GHOST came calling and he loved the idea of being able to do what he loved doing but without all the restrictions in place. Win/win.

Meeting Bridget was a fun and flirty one-night stand while on a mission. One he never quite got out of his head. But when he’d returned to the hotel room, Bridget was gone and he didn’t have a last name or a phone number. Then, luck was on his side five years later. Maybe. Then that old betrayal came crawling out of it’s hidden depths all over again. Bridget and Axel have some things to straighten out.

Read Axel and Bridget’s story in Defending Bridget. It’s sure to pull at your heart strings.


Josh Masters is handsome, strong and grew up knowing he’d work for GHOST. Afterall, his father was one of the founding members of GHOST. It was a family tradition in his home. His older brother, Jake, worked for GHOST, until he was murdered. And, now he and his twin sister, Jax, worked for GHOST. And he loved it.

But, taking some much needed time off for a friend’s wedding in Texas changes Josh’s life in so many ways. Becoming embroiled in a mess of epic proportions at the same time he meets Dr. Isabella Martinez was a juggling act Josh wasn’t sure he was capable of performing. Isabella was everything he’d ever hoped for in a woman. Brilliant, gorgeous and poised. What she wasn’t? Interested in a lifestyle of intrigue and chaos. That’s all Josh had to offer. But the Martinez family needed Josh to help Isabella’s brother out of a life-threatening issue and that forced Isabella to see that Josh was more than his job.

Read how Josh and Isabella learn to handle the stresses of family struggles, an unpredictable life and ultimately find a love for the ages. – Defending Isabella