Defending Isabella is in the spotlight

Did I tell you why I wrote Defending Isabella? It’s a great story.

My Uncle Perry and Aunt Kathy are great travelers. They’ve been all over the world, having lived in Ireland for a couple of years, traveled on vacation to Vietnam, Africa, and so many other places. They are the most interesting people to speak with because they’ve been to so many places and seen so many awesome things. I say all this because Defending Isabella came from a story my Uncle Perry told me about one of their many vacations.

Perry and Kathy went to Texas for a wedding. They were there a few days early and were in a bar having a cocktail when they met a group celebrating an impending wedding – it was the bachelor party for the groom. Perry and Kathy began celebrating with these fellas and they enjoyed each others’ company so much the groom invited them to the wedding. They were concerned about how they were dressed and the groom assured them it would be just fine, they hopped on a bus and away they went to the most elaborate wedding they’d ever seen. Perry said they were treated so amazingly well and had such a good time and this was all from a chance meeting in a bar far from home.

If you’ve read Defending Isabella, Josh is in Texas for a friend’s wedding and sitting in a bar celebrating when they run into another bachelor party celebrating too. The groom’s friends are enjoying getting Eric, the groom, inebriated and Josh feels sorry for him because he’s blind drunk. Josh, being the protector guy he is wants to help Eric out and thus begins the story of Defending Isabella and the long, crazy road he takes to do just that.

But, with all of my books comes that hard earned HEA – and let’s just say, Josh earned his.

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“Okay, guys, how about we look and act like good guests and not get hammered tonight?”

Shep nudged him on the shoulder. “Trying to impress the gorgeous sister?”

“It’s not that.”

His friends laughed.

“It so is.” Diego laughed.

“It’s not, I just…”

His eyes spotted Isabella walking across the lawn to the pergola carrying a book—a Bible, that’s what it was—and gently laying it on the podium. She turned at the sound of the bus and he felt as if she were looking in at him. His cheeks heated and his stomach felt like there were bees buzzing around inside.

Diego laughed again. “Look at that boys. Josh is about as red as my shirt.”

He glanced at his friend. The mirth in his eyes was a far cry from the usual sadness that haunted Diego’s gaze.

Shaking his head, he ignored his friends and their teasing. Josh peered out the bus window again and Isabella was gone. He brushed off a moment of sadness; of course she was still here, and he’d absolutely spend some time talking to her tonight. She was like a magnet.


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