Do you believe in second chances?

Everyone deserves a second chance, isn’t that the saying? I think it’s true.

When I wrote Designing Samantha’s Love, it was with a second chance in mind. Grayson Kincade and Samantha Powell each had miserable marriages and stayed for years for their own reasons. The reason for Grayson was his kids. Samantha’s were completely different.

In the end, they each found themselves free of the shackles of a marriage that had soured. Grayson wanted to find his one true love. Not so much for Samantha. She wanted to do what she wanted when she wanted and peace. She just wanted peace.

Funny how you don’t always get what you ask for. Grayson did find his one true love. Samantha found peace in a way she never dreamed she’d be peaceful. But they both had to work for it.

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He’s determined to leave the past and make the most out of life,
She’s resolved to live life on her own after years of heartache,
Together they find love, passion and an unknown enemy who wants her dead.

After escaping a bad marriage, Grayson Kinkade is living life on his terms. Devoting time to his children, building a successful business and if his luck holds out, finding his soulmate. An unexpected meeting with the gorgeous Samantha Powell sends his heart racing and his passion through the roof, but Gray’s past isn’t ready to let him go.

Samantha is starting over after devoting three decades to a troubled man. She’s finally found the courage to seek her own happiness and imagines a quiet life filled with family, friends and a career she loves. Unfortunately, no one told the alluring Grayson Kinkade that she was now a drama free zone.

Their instant attraction begins a steamy affair, but to realize their happily ever after, they’re going to have to fight Grayson’s past or die trying.

Designing Samantha’s Love is available at all retailers –