Do you love friends to lovers?

There’s something about friends who realize they are actually in love with each other and want more than the friend zone.

Myles and Shianne were friends, but not close. Shianne is actually the best friend of Myles’ bosses wife, Lara. So, Shianne has been around the HOG (Home Office Garage) and Shianne spends time there.

They’d get close and Shianne would back away. Mostly because Lara asked her not to date the operatives. It would make it tough on all of them if she dated someone and they broke up. Shianne tried listening to Lara. She really did. And it left Myles thinking Shianne simply wasn’t that interested in him. So, he watched her from afar. He wondered about her. He lost sleep over her, but he didn’t make a move either. Because, you know, fear of rejection. And, his twin sister, Maya, found Shianne irritating. Shianne talks alot. And she talks alot about fashion. Something Maya has zero interest in.

But, this attraction wouldn’t go away and finally, Myles said, what the heck, and asked her out. Shianne tried for about three minutes to say no, but in the end, she’d been thinking about Myles for far too long. So, she said yes.

Thinks happened quickly after that first date. They already knew each other. So the beginning of their actual relationship was comfortable and fun and they were both ready.

Please read Needing Shianne and the rest of the GHOST Legacy series. I thoroughly enjoyed writing them and hope you’ll love reading them! And, if you’ve already read them, thank you so very much for reading. I appreciate you.