Dodge and Rory – have you met these two?

Dodge Sager and Rory Richards are two of the sexy, smart and purely alpha men of Big 3 Security. These guys have it all, except someone to share their lives with. Enter Jax and Al. These women are also sexy, smart and confident in themselves. They excel in their careers and refuse to hold back for anyone, even Dodge and Rory. But, when it comes to falling in love, even sassy operatives aren’t immune to cupid!

Dodge Sager and Jacqueline (Jax) Masters meet in the most unromantic way. She’s on a mission – so is he. She doesn’t want his interference, which he thinks is help. She makes it known, my knocking him to the ground, that she can take care of herself. And then the fun starts. Dodge: Finding His Jewel is Dodge and Jax’s story and also starts the GHOST series.

Dodge: Finding His Jewel can be found here

Rory Richards and Alice Beggs are long lost lovers. He left her for his career. She thought she’d been able to put that behind her – WRONG. When they meet again while chasing criminals, the sparks fly, but those aren’t sparks of love shooting from Al’s eyes, she’s pissed. Rory: Finding His Match is Rory and Al’s story and it’s a good one.

Rory: Finding His Match can be found here