Sports and Romance

I write romantic suspense. I like the action and suspenseful nature of the stories and I’ll admit I’m not much of a sports fan. But, when I was plotting and writing Promising Piper I decided to dip my toe into the sports romance aspect, just a little and created Royce Roman, Quarterback extraordinaire.

Royce is all things you want in a hero; he’s handsome, smart, he has a big heart, and he’s loyal and true. When Royce met Piper, she was in need of a bit of assistance, it wasn’t hard for him to step up and defend her. There wasn’t even a choice to make, he just jumped into action.

I love the way the story turned out and while the sports aspect of Promising Piper isn’t all – sportsy – I’m happy to have mixed my love of romantic suspense with a bit of sports.

Did you read Promising Piper? Tell me what you thought of it.

She looked up at him and pushed away, then turned the switch off on her comm unit. He did the same, then he put his fingers under her chin and pulled her face up to his. He looked into her light blue eyes and he saw the tiredness there. “I love you, Piper Dillon. I admire you. I am incredibly impressed by you. But, mostly, I love you.”

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