Don’t be Martha, or these other two boobs!

Mr. Fiala and I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas. It was a work trip, but the weather was great and we decided to play a bit of hooky and see some sights.

The first day we walked the casinos, at least the ones we wanted to see. We focused on the major casinos, the Mirage, Ceasar’s Palace, Paris, New York, and a few others. We walked a lot that first day. According to my step tracker, we walked 24,379 steps or 7.6 miles. Some of that was carrying beer and groceries. We stopped at CVS and Target to pick up a few items for our room on the way back from sight-seeing.

The second day, we thought we’d take in the Hoover Dam. Then, as long as we were at it, why not see the Grand Canyon. Now if you’ve ever been to Vegas, you know there are people everywhere willing to help you lighten the weight of your wallet in Vegas. Literally there are thousands of them. And, to that end, we found ourselves at a stand just outside of Caesars Palace that was more than willing to book our trip for us. Since he offered exactly what we were looking for, we bit. But, it was all good.

So, the bus would pick us up at our hotel the following day at 6:15 am to take us and our fellow sightseers on our journey. They supplied us with a continental type breakfast complete with sweet muffins, a banana and cookies. It was rather tasty. Our bus made the rounds to various casinos picking up our fellow passengers, and we sat in comfort, eating our breakfast and enjoying not having to navigate the Vegas traffic. We both commented that we understood now why seniors enjoyed these trips. It was little hassle for us.

Now, on to Martha. Our bus driver, Wally, took us on a lovely trip to the Hoover Dam, which we weren’t able to go inside and see, but we did stop and take some photos and enjoy the view. We then went through the Joshua Tree Forest, which is interesting, and then stopped at the Grand Canyon. There are two main points to visit at the West Side of the Grand Canyon, the Skybridge at Eagle Point and Guano Point. Wally told us we had 3 hours to return to the bus. He was very thorough in explaining what to do once we disembarked and he was especially thorough about what time to return to the bus.

So, off we went, happily enjoying the splendor that is the Grand Canyon (pictures below). Gene and I visited both spots, though we did miss the indian village display, but we were worried about returning to the bus on time. As Wally said, “Don’t make 52 people wait for 2 people, it just isn’t fair.” So, we got on the bus, happy at what we’d seen and that we weren’t late getting on the bus to return to the hotel. By now, we’d been out and about close to 9 hours. Do you know who was late? Martha. Martha was late. But not just a little late, Martha made us sit on that bus for 1 hour! Wally tried calling Martha to make sure she was alright, but Martha didn’t answer her phone. Let me tell you, the crowd was getting livid. Several folks on the bus had show tickets and needed to get back to hotels to get ready and make it to their show on time. As we tried figuring out who we were waiting for, a passenger said, “I remember that woman that sat right there.” She pointed to the front row. Continuing she added, “She has been rather rude all morning. Everytime we get off and on the bus, she steps in front of me and cuts me off.” Another woman said, “Yeah, she cut me off a few times today too.”

But Wally was great at calming folks down, it didn’t hurt that he had an awesome Aussie accent and he was a kind older man. He decided to figure out who this woman was, so he did a role call. “Martha? Martha?” Ah, Martha, the rude woman in front is who we are waiting for! So we waited. Passengers got off the bus and were pacing around, getting more and more irritated by the minute as the other busses’ passengers loaded onto their busses and they drove off, but, we waited for Martha.

After an hour wait, Martha and her companion, strolled across the parking lot to get on the bus. No explanation, no apology, nothing. Martha once again sat at the front of the bus. Lucky for her she didn’t have to walk all the way back and endure the irritated glares from her fellow passengers.

Now, who are these two boobs? Well, Gene and I sat in the middle of the bus, and behind us sat a man and a woman. I didn’t get their names, but all I can say is the entire trip their phones rang and buzzed and chirped and they took phone calls, loud enough for the entire bus to hear, all while Wally was trying to give us some history lessons about the area. The irritated glares from fellow passengers did nothing to dissuade these two boobs to stop their annoying talking into their phones, or, in the case of the man, watching a video loud enough we couldn’t hear the movie Wally put in for us explaining how the skywalk was built and after, a movie to entertain us, Fools Rush In. The Boobs continued disrupting the entire bus, and Gene and I, through the whole trip. They were incredibly rude and very egotistical to think we’d rather listen to them than Wally or the movie.

The Lesson? Of course there is always a lesson. If this would ever happen again, I’d say, I will not make plans for after the trip, just in case Martha joins us. AND, I’ll stand up and turn around and tell the two boobs behind us, that we aren’t interested in their phone conversations and their rudeness. When you are in a group of people, put your stupid phone away! Truly, unplug for a while, it’s refreshing.

Honestly folks, don’t be Martha and don’t be a boob.

Post Note: Karma does exist. We don’t always get to see it, but it does come to those who deserve it. As our bus driver, Wally, was dropping us off at our respective hotels, about half of us were left on the bus when Wally was radioed from his dispatch person. Martha got off at the wrong stop and wondered if someone would come and get her. I’m not sure if Wally had to go back and get her after all of us were dropped off or if the company sent someone else, but we all got a bit of a chuckle out of it. #DontBeMartha #DontBeABoob

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  1. Now that was funny that she got off on the wrong stop. Serves her right. I don’t think I would have been as polite.

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