GHOST – What does it mean?

I had an idea for a series that I wanted to write but I wasn’t sure what I should name it. This group of operatives, both male and female, were strong, smart, highly capable but also needed to be able to be vulnerable enough to let someone in. Meaning, that one special person who would complete them.

So I started with their jobs. They largely were an unspoken group that worked primarily for the government, but no one knew about them save one or two people. They were a specialty ops group. They worked autonomously, needed to stay sort of a secret and still get the job done.

Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team was born. GHOST.

This series is my best selling series and I still love each and every story in it.

The first book is the series was written second. I know that’s not the way it’s normally done, but it was necessary when I did it for a whole host of reasons that pertain to the backend of the author business – advertising. But, I’d also had readers asking about how GHOST got its start, so I wrote Defending Keirnan. Defending Keirnan takes place twenty years prior to Defending Sophie, the second book in the GHOST series.

Defending Keirnan is all about Dane Copeland and Keirnan Vickers. Keirnan is a sweet kindergarten and Dane is sort of lost. He’s the single father to Emersyn, just recently retired from the service and not sure what he’ll do with himself. Taking his daughter to school is how he meets Keirnan, but their journey if far from over. Keirnan’s father was involved in some covert operations while in the military and one of his enemies has come back for revenge. This sends Dane and Keirnan into some not so fun moments. Because of this, the need for GHOST was devised and GHOST was born. There are many twists and turns in Defending Keirnan and I enjoyed writing it so much.

Defending Sophie is all about Gaige Vickers, Keirnan’s brother, and Sophie Turner. Sophie is Gaige’s best friend, Tate’s sister and so off limits. You know the bro code and all. But, Sophie is in trouble and Tate is dead, and she has no one else to turn to. Gaige Vickers is the first person she’s thought to call and Gaige, still holding a great big giant candle for Sophie, comes to the rescue. More twists and turns, more sexy bits, and finally the HEA. My favorite part.

If you haven’t read my GHOST series, give it a chance, it’s been very popular with readers. But, caveat – my Big 3 Security series actually rolls into GHOST and you’ll see all the characters as they are introduced if you start there.

Big 3 Security

Ford: Finding His Fire – US Ford: Finding His Fire – UK

Lincoln: Finding His Mark – US Lincoln: Finding His Mark – UK

Dodge: Finding His Jewel – US Dodge: Finding His Jewel – UK

Rory: Finding His Match – US Rory: Finding His Match – UK


Defending Keirnan – US Defending Keirnan – UK

Defending Sophie – US Defending Sophie – UK