Finish Line

The title of Finish Line is a bit of a play on words. The story is about the Kentucky Derby and the horses and ranchers who are hopeful they’ll hit the big-time in terms of having a horse qualify and compete in the Derby. But, in terms of that, it brings revenues to the ranches, in terms of breeding and notoriety when a ranch has a winning horse. Crossing the finish line first, is what every racer dreams of.

The play on words for the title of Stevie and Mac’s story worked for them too. Stevie is a detective, who was born into a ranch family and had the opportunity to run the ranch at some point but who wanted to do things on her own. Make her own money and do it her way. That way is upholding the law. As the story is told, that is exactly what Stevie needed to do to help the area ranchers when someone begins poisoning the Derby contenders.

Mac on the other hand is part owner of a security firm. His problem? His biggest client is in direct competition with Stevie’s father when it comes to having a Derby contender. When Stevie’s dad’s prize horse is poisoned, the trail leads to Mac’s client. To say Stevie and Mac butt heads is an understatement. If only he wasn’t so damned handsome. If only she wasn’t so friggen sexy! Yeah, they have those thoughts until they set them aside and begin looking at the evidence.

Pick up your copy of Finish Line and see who gets there first!