Flirting with Magick

Leigh Bennett is in the Author Spotlight this week.  I met Leigh through a mutual friend who was also our book manager while we were both at Booktrope.  I say were, because Booktrope is closing its doors at the end of the month and Leigh, myself and many other authors will be going Indie!

Leigh is giving away a signed paperback of Flirting with Magick and, keep reading because she’s shared a love potion in this post.  But first, the blurb for Flirting with Magick.

There is nothing like a love spell to help Abby Williams get over her broken heart. She is stuck in love rut and needs an out. A gorgeous rocker as a casual fling, a cute colleague who’s a little too mysterious, and a very apologetic ex–boyfriend are brought into her life and the spell appears to have worked a little too well… until it all falls apart. 

Emotions run high, secrets are exposed, and Abby is left wondering if she should have been flirting with magick all along.

Please find below the love spell that my character Abby uses that kicks things off in the story.   I hope this suits as my version of a ‘recipe’

Spell  to  Find  True  Love

Moon: Waxing

Pink candle

Piece of paper

Pen or pencil

Rose essential oil

Rose petals (optional)

Carrier oil such as olive or sweet almond

Engrave a heart into the candle and light it.

Combine a few drops of Rose oil with carrier oil and pour into a warm bath along with the rose petals.

Take your piece of paper and write down all the qualities you would like in a partner.

Breathe in the aromas and feel love surrounding you while visualising yourself in a true love partnership.

When your bath is over, extinguish the candle and thank the universe.

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