Get them before their gone!

From KU that is.

I’m removing Bluegrass Security from Kindle Unlimited on Monday. It’s a long story and I’ve complained about it before, but circumstances are leaving me no choice but to move out of the Kindle Unlimited program. So, if you haven’t read Bluegrass Security yet and are in Kindle Unlimited, download them now before they are removed from KU.

I’ll then begin the process of uploading them to all retailers next week and I’ll share the links with you here.

Read them now before they are gone!

Bluegrass Security

From Heart Thief, Book 1:

One stubborn military man.
Plus one feisty Army chick.
Equals an explosion of power, passion, and crime.

Retired and embittered military officer, Levi Jacobson is content running a small-town security business without anyone’s help. After all, he can’t trust anyone–especially women. But when the town suffers a slew of robberies, Levi hires out-of-town help that changes everything.

The last thing Sage Reynolds wants is to move to a tiny town to solve a series of burglaries. But with her bills piling up, she takes what she can get. Meeting her sexy, yet chauvinistic, new boss infuriates and ignites her. She refuses to be patronized by a cranky man. And Levi’s determined to keep her at arm’s length. But as the mysteries unfold, so does their resolve. Can they uncover the thieves before their hearts get stolen too?