Heart Thief is special to me.

When I wrote Heart Thief it was titled We’re Going to Make It. It was written in Erin Nicholas’ Sapphire Falls Kindle World. I was so blasted excited to be accepted into a Kindle World and I love Erin Nicholas’ books, so dang, I was on top of the world. Then, I just needed to make my story fit in her world.

Erin was very organized in her world and it was easy to write in it. I had Levi who is a curmudgeonly former military man now retired to a small town and he didn’t like people very much. He started a security firm to earn a few bucks but mostly he was bitter. His fiance’ and his best friend got together while Levi was in the service and fell in love. Levi got a Dear John letter and from that point on – he was bitter. Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow.

Sage, on the other hand, had her own issues. She’d just buried her father and spent all of her life savings paying off his debts. They lived her whole life in a small town and she hated it. As soon as she could, she enlisted in the Army and got out of that town. That was, until her father became ill. She had to leave the Army to take care of him – she was all he had. Then she found out about all of his bills, medical and otherwise, and she didn’t want to leave that hanging out there. It had a way of following you. So, she found herself broke and alone and once again, wanting out of a small town.

Needing a job she took the first one offered, which was for a small security company in…you guessed it, a small town. Since the job is only two weeks, she felt she’d make some good money, after all, the pay was phenomenal. Then, she’d take off to a big city and live her dream life.

Not. So. Fast. Sage.

When Levi and Sage meet, it is not love at first site. Remember, he doesn’t like people and he likes women even less. Sage doesn’t like small towns and she’s less impressed with her new boss, who is a chauvinist. So…life gets interesting.

I enjoyed writing Sage and Levi’s story. I enjoyed writing in Erin Nicholas’ world and this story has always been special to me. It’s been retitled twice now, because of branding issues mostly. After it was We’re Going To Make It, it was Missing the Spark. But, I found myself having to rebrand it once again and this time, it works. Heart Thief is the perfect title to a great story.

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