Hope Abounds

When I wrote Moving to Hope it was an exercise in writing as much as it was a story I wanted to tell. Ryder Sheppard is shy. It’s difficult to write a shy hero because we’re used to our heros being powerful, and strong and very much in control.

But, what happens when you’re shy and powerful and have protective instincts? That is a conundrum. Ryder is a veteran. He’s smart, and many times people think of shy people as not being very smart, they’re wrong. Put Ryder in a situation he knows he can handle, he’ll take care of it. But, when it comes to meeting a beautiful, independent woman, his shyness comes out.

Molly Bates is a friend of Ryder’s step-mom. Ryder meets her at his dad and step-mom’s wedding and he’s smitten. But, he struggles to screw up the courage to ask her out. Luckily, for Ryder and Molly, life does have a way of making things happen when they’re supposed to happen. Ryder’s protective instincts take over when Molly is man-handled on the dance floor of a club. She’s had a couple of drinks and is no match for the jerk trying to pull her off the dance floor. This is a situation Ryder knows he can handle.

I enjoyed writing Moving to Hope for many reasons. Shy heroes need love too. As their story unfolds, we find out Molly has secrets of her own she’s hiding and that turns into a dangerous situation for her. Now, Ryder needs to step up again. But, will he be on time?

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Rolling Thunder – where bikes are built, family bonds are strengthened and love ignites.

A former Marine with a shy side.
A sexy photographer with a dark secret.
If it doesn’t break them apart, they’ll have a fight on their hands.

Ryder Sheppard falls hard and fast for the sultry Molly Bates. When he realizes just how much trouble she’s in, he doesn’t waste a second devising a way to save the woman he’s fallen in love with. This war veteran quickly learns that facing your enemy is one thing, facing a psychotic killer is something entirely different.

Molly has had to grow up fast – – too fast. She’s finally in a good place, both emotionally and financially, when she meets shy yet sexy Ryder and starts to believe love could be in her future. but that happiness is short-lived when her past comes back with a killer vengeance.


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