Shining a light on wounded veterans

If you’ve followed me at all, you know my passion is to support our veterans. My family history is one of service to our country and it’s a history I’m proud of. Many talk of service, few actually serve.

When I began writing Moving to Forever, it was with this in mind. I write stories of people who are just like your neighbors, friends, and coworkers. But, they’ve served in the military and have that mindset of protection and service to others.

Danny Schaeffer is a man who served in the military and sacrificed a leg during that service. He came home, and as you can imagine, he felt as though no one would ever find him attractive or worthy because he wasn’t the man he used to be.

Tammy Davis is working at a nursing facility with hopes of running it one day. She enjoys chatting with the patients there, many of whom are veterans. She also paints as a creative outlet and has begun a mural on the wall of the facility, depicting scenes from past wars her patients have shared with her. In her mind, bringing something they remember so vividly to the facility would help them feel as though they were truly at home.

Tammy meets Danny through her best friend Molly. The Rolling Thunder crew chose Danny as their veteran of the year and they are working on his home to build him a first floor bedroom to make his life easier. Through this build, Tammy and Danny forge a relationship built on mutual respect. They enjoy chatting with each other and spending time together.

Just as things begin to evolve, Tammy’s company is bought out and her new boss wants more from Tammy than she wants to give.

I enjoyed this story so much. There are far too many men and women in the same situation as Danny. They give of themselves to keep their countries safe and come home altered. Oftentimes to a country that views them as damaged goods. I wanted to showcase that love conquers all and men and women who are changed still have so much to offer. And, they are attractive and desirable, we just need to do a better job of making that known to them.

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Rolling Thunder – where bikes are built, family bonds are strengthened and love ignites.

He’s a wounded hero,
She’s a threatened artist,
Together they learn how to conquer it all.

Returning home from war a changed man is difficult for Danny Schaefer. Losing his leg and then his girlfriend made him feel like he’d never be whole again. Then he meets Tammy Davis, a vivacious beauty burdened with a secret betrayal that has left her shaken and wary. Tammy mends her wounds by painting; Danny is searching for his own way.

When they meet the sparks fly, but both desire to take it slow. Tammy’s job is uncertain, her new boss wants more than her superior work product and she finds herself torn between love and duty. As Danny discovers a way to heal, he finds himself in the fight of his life – a fight for Tammy’s heart.


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