How’s the landscaping coming along?

Here at the Fiala household we’ve been working super hard. The house we bought in October was in need of some TLC on the outside and we’ve set out to do it.

So far this spring we’ve had 12 older cedars and shrubs pulled out, a dead tree cut down and removed, pulled out dozens of dead or partially dead plants (not sure what they used to be), we’ve been raking the stones from the top of our landscaping back and backfilling with dirt. (That is hard work y’all.) We’ve got more of this to do, we’ve only tackled the front of the house now, we have three sides to go. I should have muscles like Lou Ferrigno by the time this is over. 😆 We’ve cleaned up years of leaves and old pine needles and we still have more to go but the stones are beginning to clean up and look nice again.

I’ve painted our outdoor lights black, a light post in the front yard and the front door black as well. They add some spice to the house as everything was tan and blended together. Not enough distinction – but it looks great now. I’m contemplating painting our garage doors black as well – still pondering on that one.

This weekend we’ve dug a trench from our downspout on the east side of the house and added a drain which we buried, then covered it up with dirt and re-raked the stone over the top of it. We added an actual whiskey barrel (it smells so good) to the landscaping in the back yard, which I still have to plant with flowers, we’ve planted 6 boxwood shrubs, 4 day lilies, 4 dragon lilies, 12 coral bells of varying colors, purple, red, orange, lime green, 5 astilbe’s red and peach, a planter box full of annuals, a new 3 foot orange pot in the front yard and planted flowers in it, various containers of flowers, pots on the front porch, pots in what we call our Zen Den, which is a screened in patio, two Dwarf Korean Lilac trees and we have more to do. BUT, it’s beginning to look amazing.

I’ve added just a few pictures and I’ll add more as we continue to work on the landscaping, but we’re pretty happy with what we’ve done so far and looking forward to completing these tasks and enjoying our summer.

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