It all began when…

When I first wrote Missing the Spark, it was titled “We’re Going to Make It” and it was part of Erin Nicholas’ Sapphire Falls Kindle World. I’d read Erin’s stories in Sapphire Falls and enjoyed the world, so being allowed to write in it was an honor and a pleasure.

When Amazon discontinued the Kindle Worlds, Erin gave us three options for our stories. We could:

  • Keep them in her Sapphire Falls world;
  • Republish on our own but mention her Sapphire Falls world in the credits and backmatter;
  • Re-write and take out any reference to Sapphire Falls.

I chose the second option for a couple of reasons. First, when I wrote We’re Going to Make It, it was the first book in a new series for me, Chandler County. So, I’d written it with the remainder of the series in mind. It was then renamed to Missing the Spark, to match the titles of the books in Chandler County that came after it – Missing the Point and Missing Desire.

In Missing the Spark, Levi and Sage first meet when she shows up in Sapphire Falls for a job. She’d recently lost her father, who she’d found out had major bills. She paid his bills off with the money she had saved and then had nothing left. Couple that with living in a small town she’d tried once to escape from, and she was ready to move on. She applied for a job on the internet, showed up for the first day and meets Levi.

Levi is rather gruff. He owns a security company and he needs help. Sage has all of the credentials and is hired. Trouble is, when she walks in the door, Levi is less than happy that she’s a woman. He thought he was hiring a man.

Of course there is attraction, friction, and a ton of work to do. In the end, Levi and Sage work through their issues, and find love.


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Levi Jacobson spent 25 years serving his country in the Army. After his fiancée and the love of his life sent him a Dear John letter telling him she was marrying his best friend, he dug into his career with a vengeance, marching up the ranks to Major, right after vowing to stay away from women. Now retired from the military, and managing his security firm in Sapphire Falls, he can finally spend his days as he wants, earn a bit of money and enjoy small town life.

Sage Reynolds joined the Army at 18 to escape her small hometown and finally live her life as the woman she was – a tomboy. She excelled in everything Army; shooting, interrogation and surveillance. When her father became sick, she found herself back home in the small town she’d left as a teenager. A year later, her father gone, she needs a job and preferably in the big city. Overdue bills and no prospects force her to accept a job in Sapphire Falls for a man who is sexist, obnoxious and terribly attractive.

Levi and Sage need each other, at least as far as business is concerned. But, can they ignite a spark on a personal level?


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