Sometimes it’s the second chance that shows the most love.

No lie, my husband and I know three couples who were married, divorced and later in life remarried each other. What are the odds?

We were at a charity ride a few years ago, and after we registered, I was standing on the deck at the bar looking out over the crowd. We moved away from Gillett more than twenty years ago, and when we go back, it’s a mixture of seeing old friends and feeling like we don’t know anyone anymore. So, I was looking out over the crowd, and all three couples were there, chatting with friends and having a good time. That’s when it hit me – second chances – it’s a huge part of life. And, each of these three couples are stronger now than they were the first time around. Bonus.

My husband brought be a drink and asked what I was looking at and I told him. I pointed out each couple and said, “There’s stories right there.”

His reply? “Now you’ve got it.”

That’s when Kiera and David’s story was born. That day, during the ride I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I thought of this story all day. Designing Samantha’s Love had already published so I had the characters already in place. Their story unfolded shortly after that.

Securing Kiera’s Love was nominated for a RONE award too! It’s a good book and I’m immensely proud of it.

Do you know anyone who’s been given a second chance?

Pick up Securing Kiera’s Love here ->->->->->

Pick up Securing Kiera’s Love here ->->->->->