Missing the Point

Missing the Point was fun to write. Stevie is a woman who worked her ass off to make it as a police detective, which any woman knows, isn’t easy. There are constantly obstacles when a woman tries to do a job often thought of as being a “man’s” job. So, she’s tough, but not too tough.

Mac has served his country and is now part owner of a security firm. His partners are all former military as well. They’ve opened up shop in the small town of Bourbonville, Kentucky. Bourbonville offers them plenty of opportunity to support their business as well as places to kick back and unwind at the end of the day. It’s just one of those days that brings Stevie and Mac to first meet.

I love the way this book begins. Two consenting adults, mutually attracted to each other, meeting, doing the thing, then thinking they’ll never meet again. Wrong!

Not only do they meet again, tensions are high when Mac’s new security client is Stevie’s father’s nemesis. Plenty of highs and lows to deal with in this book.

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5 thoughts on “Missing the Point”

  1. cant wait to read , sound very interesting. i love when H & H have an attraction but something pulls more tension out of them.

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