It’s release day again!

Some people have a Birthday Month, I have two release days for the same book. Why?

I have a shop on my website –

From my shop, you can buy ebooks, audiobooks, paperbacks and gift cards (tell your family about the gift cards!). If you follow my shop, or my blog, you’ll know that I release my books one week early in my shop! That’s right, you get the books one week earlier than if you’d purchased on one of the vendors. So, last week, Protecting Everleigh released in my shop. You can find the post about that here!

Today, Protecting Everleigh released everywhere else. So, I get two releases in a week for the same book. I think that’s special in a good way!

So, since in last week’s post I talked about what makes Henry and Everleigh special, today I want to talk about what makes my shop special.

When you order paperbacks from me, I personally fulfill the order. That means I have stock here at home, I pull the book from the shelf, sign it, wrap it in tissue paper, add bookmarks, stickers and a pen to the order and pop it all in the mail. Personal service – personal touch.

Ebooks aren’t as personal, but the great thing about ordering from my shop, is you know the file you download is always the most recent file. You don’t have to look for the support button and ask the vendor to push any new content out – it’s already there. And, if something happens, such as life, I’ll let you know via email, but I won’t cancel your preorder like other vendors do! We, as authors, have struggled with so much bull-pucky from the various vendors, it’s exhausting. Exhausted authors aren’t creative authors!

Audiobooks can also be purchased directly from me in my shop. They are fulfilled just like ebooks, through Bookfunnel. I always have the most current files uploaded and there’s no bull-pucky from the vendors.

If you haven’t guessed, I kind of have a “No Bull-Pucky” policy. It’s a good thing.

Gift cards for Fiala Funds can be purchased and easily redeemed in my shop at check out. They are the same as cash, the same as any other vendor’s gift cards – except for my store only. It’s rather cool.

So, sorry for the long store post, but if you’ll please share the second release of Protecting Everleigh with me by sharing this post, as well as reading Protecting Everleigh, and, if you don’t mind reviewing, I’d love that too.

By the way, I’m posting the cover again, because I love it!

Get your copy everywhere you shop!