Moving to Desire

Gunnar. Oh my goodness, I love Gunnar.

From the beginning of the series I looked forward to writing Gunnar’s story. He’s a good man, but he grew up different. Single mom. Deadbeat dad. Despite having a good family, things were different for him. His mom struggled to get her business going and still give him a good life. And, she did. He had a good life.

Then his mom married Jeremiah and life began looking different. He’s an adult now, but he still longed for that father figure in his life. Jeremiah brought that to him. Then, wow, then he met Emma in a chance meeting in a grocery store parking lot. Then, his world turned upside down.

Enjoy the first chapter of Moving to Desire.

“That’s right, darlin’, keep going…suck it.” Gunnar closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the seat of his truck. His body heated, he lifted his hips, driving his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Harder, darlin’, suck me harder,” he ground out, laying his hand on the girl’s head. What was her name? Wendy? No…Julie. Fuck, it didn’t matter; he just wanted a blow job for his twenty-sixth birthday, not a lifelong commitment.

“Yeah. Close…so close.” A fine sheen of sweat slicked his forehead and chest. The pain in his balls moved toward his cock with a force that couldn’t be described. With a loud groan and a final pump, he blew his wad.

“Swallow every drop. Lick me clean.” He closed his eyes, waiting for the moment to pass so he could see straight and go home. It felt good, letting her lick him. He ignored her humming appreciation and heavy breathing. He had gotten her off earlier using his fingers. That had been the deal when she made herself available at The Barn. He’d made it clear all he wanted was this and she’d been fine with it as long as she got off too.

As soon as she raised her head from his lap, Gunnar tucked himself in and zipped his jeans. Wendy or Julie or whoever adjusted her clothing. He started his truck and glanced at her, waiting for her to get out.

“Do you want to come in? We could have a little more fun.” She licked her lips.

For the first time all night he looked closely at her. She was pretty in a sleazy “I’ll fuck anything” sort of way. Her blonde, curly hair captured the light from the front porch and her blue eyes shined. The overabundance of mascara she wore had smudged under her eyes and the low-cut blouse was showing more cleavage than necessary. Disgusted with himself for not having an ounce of feeling towards her, he took a deep breath and said, “Naw. Thanks, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“Will you call me?”

Fuck, here it goes. He hated this shit. “We’ll see. Gotta run, darlin’.”

She climbed out of his truck, glancing back once as she sashayed up the path. He had it in reverse before she got all the way to her front door. Driving home, he released a deeply-held breath as he thought about his actions. He should be feeling less edgy right now—relaxed.  Instead, he was irritated, disgusted, and uncomfortable. The only thing he could think of to ease this weird vibe was to be celibate for a while. Fuck that!

Pulling his truck into the garage beside his brother JT’s truck, he shifted into park. Rotating his head from side to side, he ran his hand down his face. Heaving himself out of the truck, Gunnar walked heavily into the kitchen and threw his keys on the counter. He looked over at the table where JT was sitting, his long blond hair still wet from a recent shower and his t-shirt stretched tight across his chest. He was leaned back in his chair balanced on the back legs and his head resting against the wall. His eyes flew open when he heard Gunnar walk in.

“That didn’t take long. I thought your birthday fuck would take all night.” He grinned.

“Fuck, I guess I just wasn’t into it. She sucked me off and I kicked her out the door.”

Noticing the beer bottle in front of his brother, Gunnar walked to the fridge and grabbed one for himself. He plopped down in a seat across the table and sighed heavily. JT raised his eyebrows and waited for him to say something.

“I’m sick of the nameless, faceless women I’m sticking my dick into. What the fuck is happening to me?”

JT laughed. “Christ, don’t tell me you want to settle down? Just because Dad and Ryder seem happy doesn’t mean we all have to fall to our knees in front of a woman…unless we’re going to taste some pussy.”

Gunnar shook his head. “I don’t have a woman to fall to my knees for. I’m just sick of picking up these skanks. I couldn’t even go there tonight; I had to settle for a blow job. I didn’t even know this one’s name. And I’m sick of the ‘Will you call me’ question after I’m finished with them.”

Taking a long pull off his beer, he set the bottle on the table and closed his eyes. He pulled out the band holding his ponytail and shoveled his hands into his hair.

JT laughed again. “You’ve gotta be up front. Let them know it’s only sex and nothing more.”

“I tell them. I still get the question. My dick must be bigger than yours if women want more than just one-time sex.”

“Or you don’t leave them satisfied and they need more.” JT laughed. Finishing his beer, he trained his green eyes on his brother’s bright blues.

“Fuck you, JT. What happened with the chick you left The Barn with?”

“I drove her home, fucked her, and left. I don’t hang around and cuddle.”

Grinning, JT stood up to toss his empty bottle. “I’m hitting the hay. We have to be at Ryder and Molly’s by eight in the morning. I hope to fuck we can finish renovating the bathroom tomorrow; I need my beauty rest.”

Gunnar snorted, “Sure do.”

JT flipped his brother off and walked to his bedroom. Gunnar finished his beer and did the same.

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