My motto for life.

What’s your motto for life?  Do you have one?  Have you thought about it?  I hadn’t until I began writing this post.  Then, many things ran through my mind. Do I need a motto?  Do I want one?  What if life changes and I’m stuck with a silly motto?

I have a tag line for my writerly self – Romance on Wheels.  I chose that one because, it’s who I am.  I’m a biker and I’m on the bike as often as I can be.  But, my husband, The Biker, and I also take road trips.  We’ll burn down to Kentucky to see my family.  Run to Milwaukee for dinner?  It’s been done.   A bike event in Fond du Lac – Let’s go.  Something going on in Tipler?  We’re on our way.

Then, fast forward to a time when The Biker and I hope to retire from our day jobs.  We want to purchase a fifth wheel and hit the road.  Tour around the country and see things with the bikes in tow.  I’d still be on wheels – somewhere.  But none of this is really a motto for my life.

I’d have to say my motto for life is, “Life’s short – Let’s do it.”  We try things, travel, and see new places.  So, yeah, that’s a great motto for this time in my life, and probably the rest of my life too. 

So now it’s your turn, what’s your motto for life?  


8 thoughts on “My motto for life.”

  1. Yes life is short; that’s why we’ve just bought our holiday home on the Isle of Wight. We’ve talked about it for years, and now we’ve finally done it! Unfortunately I’ve just come home to 856 emails – hmm…

    • Thanks for stopping by. No motto is silly, it’s just you. And changing it daily shouldn’t matter, since change happens all the time. 😀

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