My office is finished

Many of you know we moved in October of 2020. Nothing like moving during a pandemic, but then again, moving itself isn’t fun during any time. If there were good things about it, the weather was nice, very few bugs and when you find the right house, you have to make the move.

This office is actually a bedroom in the house, but Gene and I don’t need three bedrooms and we can always add a bed in here if we need it. But, I really needed and wanted an office space. A place to write, stay organized and house all of my books and swag.

The first thing we did was have our friends, Greg and Jerry, come over and measure the room. Greg and Jerry are brothers and Gene used to work with them for many years. They’re also amazing cabinet makers. So, they measured two weeks after we moved in.

Then we painted. We painted the whole house actually, but the wall color is a Sherwin Williams paint called Deer Valley. It has a slight orange cast to it, which is what I liked about it. it brightens the room.

A few months later, Greg and Jerry came an installed our desk. It has two work spaces with an island between them for additional desktop space. We each have our own file drawers and pencil drawers and the printer is below the middle section so we both have access. It’s perfect. Moving forward, we’ll be updating our chairs and I’m going to paint the black cabinet white to tie in better. But, all in all, I love the way it turned out.