October Giveaway!

My daughter-in-law, Shaina, and I decided to have a monthly craft day, where we get to sit and chat and do something fun. I love that.

Our first foray into craft day was wreaths.  We made Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths.  Check out my supplies.


I went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart and picked up things I liked and four wreath frames. The shopping part was probably the hardest part because I didn’t have a clear vision of how I was going to pull this all together, but figured I could always go back to the store to pick up other things if needed.

I think they turned out pretty awesome, what do you think? Here are the Halloween wreaths I made.  The one without the witch legs, I gave away to a member of my street team for her promotional help.  The other one graces my front door as I write this.

halloween-wreath-with-legs    halloween-wreath-without-legs

Then, on to the Thanksgiving wreaths.  I found an awesome little metal pumpkin in golden tones, which was actually a lawn ornament, but I cut off the bottom and added it to the wreath.  I love the way it turned out.  The other one is cute too, but my grandkids loved the little squirrel, so that’s the one I’m keeping for them.

thanksgiving-wreath-with-metal-pumpkin      thanksgiving-squirrel

This leads me to my October giveaway.  The Thanksgiving wreath with the metal pumpkin and white sunflowers is up for grabs.  It’s a one of a kind, hand made, wreath made just for this giveaway.  What do you need to do to enter?  Just click on the Rafflecopter below and tell me how you prepare your home for fall and the coming Halloween and/or Thanksgiving festivities.

Winner will be drawn on November 1, 2016.  Must be 18 years of age to enter. Not applicable in areas where prohibited. (Sorry, has to be said – sad.)

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209 thoughts on “October Giveaway!”

  1. Love decorating with pumpkins and mums I also use seasonal wreaths on my door and this year I have a Sunflower one on my front door.

  2. We have a box of fall decorations. Just a few plastic pumpkins and scarecrows. I like to use pie scents in my burner during the fall.
    Jennifer Rote

  3. How cute is that wreath and I love that you craft with your daughter-in-law! I really wish I was crafty, but I literally suck at anything creative! We don’t decorate a whole lot for Halloween or Thanksgiving. We will carve pumpkins and that is about it. I think once my son is done trick-or-treating, we will spend more time decorating.

    • It’s hard to find time for everything. I am fortunate that I have great daughters-in-law and we learn from each other when it comes to crafting. She loves Pinterest (so do I) so as we approach a month, we look for seasonal things. She’s going to help me make some swag for a reader event I’m attending in April. Should be fun.

  4. Your wreaths turned out amazing! Great job! As for fall, about the only changes I make inside the house are the candles I put out and the hand soaps I use. (Yeah pumpkin season!) Outside, I try to be a bit scarier but I don’t do too much decorating…although I would if I had a lot more $ to spend! LOL! I put a graveyard in my front lawn and spiderwebs on the porch. That sort of thing. I do have a door cover that makes scary sounds when you walk up to it. I put that out for Halloween to scare the kids! 🙂

  5. I don’t usually do anything but this year I just seem to be in the mood to decorate for the holidays. Love your books.

  6. My Granddaughter has started making wreaths also. Your wreaths are gorgeous!! Thank you for the chance to win it.

  7. I love displaying the fall candles and pumpkin/halloween knickknacks, and also the fall baskets decorated with corn husks and pinecones. Beautiful wreath, thanks for the chance!

  8. I buy some pumpkin spice candles or starters, and love going to Michael’s for new decorations to display in our house. We also put pumpkins out side.

      • Pumpkins and sunflowers everywhere. I have a large slice of tree with the bark on, with a quart Mason jar in the middle and pints on the outside, with orange candles. It’s a centerpiece but I haven’t them on the foyer table, coffee table, etc. Then corn stalks, pumpkins and straw outside.

  9. For Halloween, I put up window clings and Halloween bat lights and pumpkins. My dog and I get dressed up as the same kind of character and go treats and tricks at our local dog bakery. ?

  10. I decorate for fall/harvest. Wreath, pumpkins, mums and gords outside. Inside I’ve done something different all year. I decided to leave my Christmas Tree up all year and have decorated it for different themes i.e Valentines, Easter and Summer with red, white and blue and lighthouses/summer. For fall I decorated it with garlands of leaves, fall bouquets, pumpkin lights and bows at the top. Each season has turned out pretty neat.

  11. I usually go all out for Halloween but I’m going to be out of town this year so I’m not going to decorate

  12. I usually don’t decorate to much for Halloween but I do give out a lot of treats. In the fall I do a lot of cleaning in the house because I fix a big dinner for the family for Thanksgiving.

  13. My 6 yo has skeletons that have their rightful place on our front door and in the bush at the entryway. It wouldn’t be Halloween without them.

  14. I put my Halloween table cloth on and I hang up some ghosts. That is all, because the hubby does not like me decorating for anything. I cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family.

  15. I also make grapevine and pinecone decor for the holidays. I also have a collection of over 40 Santas.

  16. My favorite Halloween decoration that I do is my tree. I found a spooky looking tree at Walmart a few years ago and I put it on our front lawn and decorate it.

  17. I always reuse my Holidays decoration every year with an exception of buying something unique to liven up the display.

  18. I’m a HUGE Halloween fan so I always decorate my house…my “baby dolls” are famous in my family!!????

  19. I usually decorate with fall foliage, pumpkins, and the fall colors which gets me through Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! (I do switch out ghosts, witches, and goblins with turkeys and pilgrims for Halloween and Thanksgiving)

  20. I don’t ususally do much for fall or Thanksgiving, decorating wise. I do however decorate for Halloween, it is my favorite holiday!

  21. I do lots of messy spider webs with gross bugs and freaky animals peeking out around the steps and a mini graveyard beside the front stoop. I switch out for happy fall stuff and pilgrims in November

  22. Because we travel between here and Florida we don’t do much decorating. At Thanksgiving we have all the people in the park that we live in and know that have no place to go to our house for dinner. We all have a really good time. And the people that would be home alone have a good dinner and a nice visit with friends.

  23. Hi, I’m back. I changed my mind and joined the giveaway for October. I couldn’t resist after I seen the picture of it on the blog page. It really is gorgeous. You did a beautiful job!!

  24. I love fall! It’s my favorite time of year, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. I think part of it is the colors. The oranges, reds, and browns of changing leaves are beautiful. I have a bunch of fall decorations in those colors that I put throughout the house. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I love the wreaths.

  25. Halloween wreath then a Thanksgiving wreath. Mums, pumpkins and gourds on the ground to the side of the front door. Mums of various colored in the front window.
    Love the wreaths pictured above.
    Thanks for the chance.

  26. I let me kids help decorate. We go to the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins and they draw pictures.

  27. Wow! You guys did a great job. I’m a little bit envious that you have the time and the talent to create such fun beautiful things.

    • Thank you. The time is the tricky part, so that’s why Shaina and I have a craft day each month. We make the time to spend together and do fun things.

  28. I really admire people who have the patience to do these crafts. I don’t…that’s why I like bazaars and giveaways with crafty prizes! As I’ve gotten older, I’m invited to spend holidays at the homes of my kids. I don’t do much in the way of decorating anymore. I live in an apartment building so I do some decorating at my door.

  29. The wreath is beautiful! I would love to have it on my front door. I used to do lots of decorating every holiday, but the older I have gotten, the less I decorate. I could easily do a wreath though.

    • I know what you mean Susan. I used to do a tree in every room and decorations all over the house. Now, not so much. But I like the decorations when they’re done.

  30. I have to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, just because of the stress level.. so I usually just do some low key fall decorations that lead into Thanksgiving!
    I absolutely love your wreaths!

  31. All your wreaths turned out really pretty and I wish that I were that crafty. For the fall holidays, I use various decorations throughout the home to celebrate.

    • Thanks Stephanie. Decorating a home is transforming for me. There are things I’d love to do “remodeling” wise. But of course, time and money are always a factor. But, a few decorations can certainly make a home feel remodeled.

  32. I absolutely love your wreaths. You did a fantastic job. I have different Halloween decorations that I use each year. My daughter has taken on the pumpkin carvings that sit on our porch. Thank you so much for the chance.

  33. I have a scarecrow and a couple of turkeys that I put out. However, Christmas is our big decorating binge.

    • Yeah. Our Christmas Tree is 12′ tall. I climb up a very tall ladder to decorate at the top. It takes a whole weekend. Then, the rest of the house gets transformed.

  34. Right now all I have is a pumpkin that I bought at Target (black one, plastic but very pretty) but I will be decorating more this weekend. Usually is with things I have bought at different stores throughout the years.

  35. I decorate my house inside & out. I have a broom that follows you & has a witch laugh, lace on the lamps shades, dropping spider, spooky eyes, skull plates & forks, candlestick skulls with flicker candles & I bake cupcakes, blood juice & etc Out side I have spooky lights, ghost, bats & pumpkins.

  36. I love to decorate my house for Halloween. It’s the last holiday I can actually enjoy before peak hits at work. (I work at UPS) Thanksgiving and Christmas I’m so busy with work I struggle some years to even get a tree up

  37. We don’t decorate as much as we should for Halloween. We try to get the porch and windows decorated 🙂

  38. We decorate the inside and outside for Halloween. We also dress up for the kids that come to the door.

  39. These are beautiful!! Wish I could make something like this. Lol. We don’t really do much decorating for Halloween/fall, just a little fall colors on items here and there. I wish we did more. We go all out at Christmas time though.

  40. Getting ready for the holidays… hmmm…. lots and lots of cleaning, followed by lots and lots of baking, eating, and enjoying family, then lots and lots of dishes! Love the wreaths you made; stunning!

  41. All the fall colors come out in my house for the fall!!! I love the oranges, yellows and reds.

  42. I love them they are so pretty! but I always work on those days because extra money. so we get candy ready for the little kids for Halloween we love to see what they are dressed as.

        • One year we gave away full sized snickers bars and they would look at us with big eyes and say, “Thank you.” Then run down the driveway yelling to their parents, “We got big candy bars.” Adorable.

  43. I enjoy crafts but have never made these types of wreaths. Yours are beautiful!
    For Fall we do cleaning, put up the summer and take down the winter clothes, and decorate. I have more Fall than Halloween things due to where we live, there is no neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. I have found many things over the years at yardsales in the spring and fall.

    • Thank you. We don’t get many trick or treaters where we live either. I think last year we got 7. So, this year we’re giving out cans of soda. We’ll have a couple varieties and they can pick. You should see the smiles on their faces! Oh, and since I seem to have NO willpower when it comes to not eating the candy, I don’t have the impulse. That’s good. I think.

      • Lol. Sodas are a great idea. I think if anyone tot here I’d be passing out canned goods from the pantry. When we get candy it never lasts. 3 daughters and a husband devour any. I switched to the darkest of chocolate just so I can get some chocolate because they won’t touch it.

  44. My daughter’s birthday is Oct 20 so every year for her birthday we decorate for Halloween. The kids absolutely love to help.

  45. I used to give these as Christmas presents. After many moves don’t know what happened to the one I had.

  46. I like to decorate the inside of my house so I can see all the festive Halloween decorations. I do leave up some of the orange pumpkins until Thanksgiving

  47. I put yummy smelling “Fall” candles everywhere. I decorate the mantle and place a centerpiece on the tanle. We don’t carve pumpkins anymore (we live on the top of a mountain with the only neighbors being my in-laws) so we let the twins do crafts and put them around the house as decorations.

  48. I’ve never done any Fall decoration, but if I won that wreath, I would probably be inspired to start!

  49. I always have a glass pumpkin that I fill with candy corn, got a few more fall items this year…but nothing that’s tradition other than the glass pumpkin with candy corn

  50. I set our Halloween themed things like candy jars, towels, soap dispensers! Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  51. We put out fall decorations (tablecloth, centerpieces, outdoor flag, etc) & fall scented candles/Scentsy wax. Cranberry is my favorite scent ever! I look forward to it every year 🙂

    • Oh, now I never think about Cranberry scents this time of year, I float to the spices and cinnamon’s, but I’ll definitely check out Cranberry.

      • Oh you should! Febreze cranberry wax melts are the best! Cinnamon is another one of my favorite holiday scents. Last fall, I found a Better Homes & Gardens Cinnamon Stick wax melt that was amazing 🙂

  52. Congratulations to Melanie B. For winning that beautiful wreath that P. J. made. It is beautiful.

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