Pizza that works with Keto

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Since I’ve embarked on this keto lifestyle, I’ve found hundreds of recipes and tried what feels like all of them. Once in a while (more than that), I’ve changed them up based on my tastes and lifestyle.

A friend told me about riced cauliflower. Easy tip – you can buy it in the store already riced – now I’m in. So, we bought some riced cauliflower, and decided we hadn’t had pizza in months, so lets use the riced cauliflower to make a pizza crust. You guys – it’s soooo good. We’re fans now!

So, enjoy this pizza crust recipe, add your favorite toppings and enjoy a tasty, easy and filling recipe without the calories or gluten.

1 thought on “Pizza that works with Keto”

  1. Barbara KellerBarbara Keller

    yeah i tried oprah’s cauliflower crust pizza, if you didnt know it was a veggie crust you wjoulnt know the difference. i will try this recipe

    April 26, 2019

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