Rebecca Lovell is in the spotlight

I am happy to introduce you to Rebecca Lovell.  Rebecca and I share a publisher and this is how we met.  Her first book, The Detective’s Brother, has just released.  Rebecca interviewed her heroine for Romance on Wheels, so please enjoy meeting Quinn Donahue.

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 Q: What was it like living in Colorado before you came to Fort Worth?

A: We lived in the mountains so it was usually very peaceful and quiet. It was hard working on the farm but we had to work every minute to make sure we could live comfortably. Well, as comfortably as you could live in the Territories! The mountains could get pretty cold, though, not like Texas. I can’t decide which I liked better.

 Q: Was it hard to cut all your hair off?

A: Not really. When I was in the mountains, I usually kept it up under my hat. I was never really very attached to it but it was sort of a shock after I did it. I couldn’t believe my childhood wish of shorter hair was coming true but I also kept thinking that my Ma would kill me.

 Q: Describe how it felt to see Simon Creed for the first time.

A: The first time I saw him, it was through the window of a saloon. I remember thinking that it was strange that he was dressed all in black when it was so hot outside, then wondering if he was in mourning for someone. There was this powerful attraction to him that I couldn’t explain – I’d never felt anything like it before. I knew right away that I would do anything for him.

 Q: How did it feel to find out you had a sister?

A: It was a total shock! When I was growing up, my mother never had a husband or suitors so I gave up hope that I’d ever have a brother or sister. When we got the letter from Texas I was surprised, and more than a little sad. I had always wanted a sister and it turned out that I had one but could never meet her.

 Q: What’s your favorite memento from your sister?

A: There are so many things she left me that I treasure, but the one I love the most is her gun. It was custom made for her by Jacob Graham, the finest gunsmith in Fort Worth. He sells the usual revolvers, of course, but the ones he makes himself are works of art. Josephine’s is almost too pretty to fire! I look forward to passing it down to my own child one day.

 Q: What would you tell girls who look up to you?

A: Don’t give up. There were so many times when I was learning to be a detective and learning about Mr. Creed that I thought it was too hard to go on, but I kept pushing forward and challenging myself in the hopes that I would make Josephine proud of me.

The Detective’s Brother

Rebecca Lovell

Booktrope Editions, March 29th 2016

$14.95 paperback (signed copies available upon request)

$2.99 (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks)


 The Blackthorn Detective Agency is well-known in Fort Worth, Texas as an outfit that can find people who don’t want to be found and uncover the darkest secrets. This comes in useful when Josephine Douglas, their only female detective is killed while on a case. Her dying wish was for Simon Creed, the best detective in the agency, to find her long-lost half-brother Quinn. Reserved and detached from everyone he knows, Creed agreed because she was the closest thing he had to a friend and manages to find Quinn in the mountains of Colorado.

 Quinn Donahue, however, is actually Josephine’s younger half-sister. The truth had been hidden from everyone, including her, and she agrees to go to Texas to claim her sister’s estate and clear up the misunderstanding. The moment she sees Creed she falls for him but knowing that they’ll only have something in common as long as her sister’s estate is in the balance, she takes the drastic step of cutting off her hair and dressing like a man in order to be close to him and step into Josephine’s shoes at the agency.

 Creed grudgingly accepts Quinn as his trainee, only to discover her secret at the same time he finds out someone is trying to kill him. Even more unexpected for Creed are his feelings for Quinn, and his desire to protect her. They’ll have to work together to find who’s behind it before one – or both of them – is killed.


 The tragedy…

When tragedy befalls the only female detective in the Blackthorn Agency, it falls to Simon Creed to fulfill her dying wish of finding her half-brother, Quinn Donahue. Upon learning his whereabouts in the mountains of Colorado, Creed invites him to Texas to claim his sister’s estate.

The meeting…

Quinn Donahue isn’t a man at all, much to Simon’s chagrin. But she is able to convince him to let her fill her sister’s shoes at the agency.

 The dilemma…

It doesn’t take long for Creed to discover Quinn’s secret, but she has a long way to go before she discovers his. Taking a bullet to save Creed’s life makes the two acknowledge the feelings each has for the other, but can they solve the mystery of who is trying to kill Creed before they are torn apart forever?

 About the Author

Rebecca Lovell was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and has loved learning about its history since she first visited the Stockyards. She has been writing since she was a teenager, and is living proof of the fact that anyone’s writing can improve if they practice hard enough. Historical fiction is one of her favorite genres to read as well as write because she loves learning about new culture and eras, especially ones that she hasn’t read before.

Though she traveled the country extensively, she currently lives in Texas with her high school sweetheart husband and a number of vocal and pushy cats.

Rebecca is currently hard at work on her next historical Western novel, Framed, and Turn the Page, a contemporary romance.


 Thank you for answering my questions, Quinn! You can read more about her in The Detective’s Brother, out now from Booktrope. Also, thank you for having me and Quinn on your blog, PJ!

Rebecca is also giving away one signed copy of The Detective’s Brother. It’s easy to enter to win and FREE!  Tell your friends too.