Rocky Mountain High, part 4

Thanks for being here with me while I chat about our epic vacation to Colorado this year. It is such a majestic state and though I’ve heard stories and songs, there’s just nothing like being there.  So, allow me to continue.

We spent our three nights at Winter Park and packed up early on Monday morning to make our way to Telluride for three more lovely days.  This day was our longest riding day in terms of miles, a little more than 375 miles, but we had a few stops and for the most part, decent weather. We also drove through Vale, which I’ve heard so much about from my husband, who drove through Vale years ago with friends.  He’s always said it was the most beautiful town he’s ever seen. Since we just went by on the highway, I can’t confirm, but what I saw was pretty spectacular.

We stopped at a few spectacular sites on our way, Idaho Springs, Glenwood Springs, Gunnison National Park and Black Canyon.  You can see pictures of these places below. I sure wish the pictures did these spots justice, but I’m convinced, no matter how great the camera or photographer are, there are just some places you must see in person. 

My favorite place was Black Canyon, that’s where we took pictures of all of us (couples and individuals).  You’ll also see a picture or two of the canyon below.  There’s actually a boat floating around in the canyon.  Kind of cool, right.

IMG 4188
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Next week I’ll tell you about some of the places we traveled around the Telluride area.  It just kept getting better and better.