Romance on Wheels



This week we’re sharing some of our research tips, tricks or just fun facts.  With contemporary romance, unless you’re writing about a city or state you’ve never been, there isn’t a ton of research.  Unless your researching pills, medical procedures, murder or other such things.  I have the most fun with my research (my opinion, but it’s true) because I research on a motorcycle while visiting new places and seeing new things.  

Each year Gene and I take a larger vacation and then several shorter trips.  Typically, we pick a direction, let our friends know where we’re going and if anyone can make it, they join us.  Earlier this year we traveled up and around Mackinaw City via the Mackinaw Bridge and then traveled down the Michigan side of Lake Michigan to Muskegan, where we hopped the Ferry and buzzed across the lake to Milwaukee.  There were 9 of us on that trip and we had a great time.  I even walked a pier to a lighthouse on my own.  Now that’s some great research. 

Our next trip is coming up soon and we’ll be traveling from Green Bay to Lexington Virginia where we’ll be meeting up with friends from Green Bay (they’re traveling out there a few days earlier to hit Pennsylvania).  We’ll ride our Virginia for a few days then travel to North Carolina where we’ll stop at the Biltmore Manor (my favorite) and ride a couple of days around that area before Gene and I split off from our friends and head to Albany/Burksville Kentucky to visit my family for a couple of days.  

How is this research?  Gosh, I’ll be taking hundreds of pictures and jotting down places I see and if I love an area, I’ll make sure to grab the names of some streets, get pictures, and other details so I can write it in a story someday.  My characters are bikers and they travel too!

So, you can decide, but I think I have the most fun researching for my stories and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  It’s where my tag line, Romance on Wheels, came from.  I write romance and I am on wheels – how about that?

Let’s hop on over and see what my fellow bloggers do for research, shall we?  Sharing this post helps me gain an audience, would you please consider sharing this with your friends?  Thank you.