Strong Women August Giveaway!


I’ve joined together with 156 authors to offer this amazing giveaway.  What do we all have in common you ask?  We all have strong female characters in our stories and we decided to proudly shout it out.  While we were shouting, we decided to also give away some money.  You In?  All you have to do is click this link:  

Click up there. ^^^

What are the details?  This promotion runs the month of August.  There will be six winners:

  • Two winners will receive $1,000 each (One winner will be chosen from the general giveaway and one will be chosen from a separate “sharing” contest)
  • Four winners will receive $100 each (One winner chosen weekly)

So. click on the Strong Women graphic above and good luck on winning one of these amazing prizes.  

Here’s how it works:

1) Follow the link to the submission form for the newsletter giveaway and choose the genres and agree to the terms.

2) Each week, we’ll declare a new $100 prize winner and email everyone who has signed up for the promo so far to announce that week’s winner.

3) On September 1, we will announce the 2 $1,000 grand prize winners (one from the newsletter component and one from the social component). 

That’s it – easy peasy.  Good luck.


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