Roxanne and Yvette

I often talk about my heroes, I mean they’re sexy, protective and oh so yummy. But, I love my heroines. These ladies are strong, confident, professional and have the ability to tame these alphas easily.

This is true of Roxanne and Yvette. Roxanne is an attorney but she’s taken leave to find the killer of her parents. Not many people could do that. In the process of that, she encounters intruders in her home, a big hulk of a man named Hawk, she’d rather not deal with, who in turn thinks SHE’S the intruder and things from there get – – interesting.

Yvette decides to snoop on her crappy boyfriend before she breaks up with him only to find out he’s deep into something illegal, shady and scary AF. She calls her friend Jax Sager, who tells her to fly to her. Yvette is in the process of doing that when she’s accosted and has to fight for her life. And she does. But, she doesn’t leave unscathed and that’s where Jax interrupts Wyatt helping her out. From that point on, Yvette has to figure out how to stay safe as her now ex begins stalking her. That’s when she stumbles into Wyatt’s life and has him invite his estranged daughter to the GHOST compound. Afterall, helping deal with someone else’s life takes her attention away from her own shit show. But, of course, nothing ever goes as planned and there’s a whole lot of unplanned stuff happening here.

In the end, of course, everyone finds their happily ever after, and things turn out as you would hope they do. But, the fun in it all is the stuff in between. At least that’s what I think. What about you? Do you prefer the beginning, middle or end of a story?

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