Scheduling a busy life

There are days I honestly don’t know if I’m coming or going. That’s not good because if I need to be coming, I can’t be going.  

On top of that, The Biker, works varying hours at work, we have four kids we’re trying to schedule around and our grandchildren are of an age where they have school concerts and such.  Now, toss in birthday parties, graduations, weddings, funerals, babysitting, and already we have family scheduling gone awry. 

Oh crap, I forgot, I still work part time, write, marketing, blog tours etc. My calendar is a bit crowded. 

I’ve found the only way to keep my head above water is to schedule things in my on-line calendar.  I use an on-line calendar because I can access it where ever I am; work, home, on my phone, etc.  I’ve gotten into the habit of putting everything on my calendar, even the tiniest of things, so I can keep myself on task.  

Then, every Sunday, I take a few minutes to look at the week and see when The Biker is working, what else is on the calendar for the week.  (This week is easy because we’re leaving on a work/vacation trip and therefore the only thing on my schedule is to make sure I write at least 2,000 words a day. I can do this.)  All I need to do is get up at 4:00 a.m. each day and write while The Biker sleeps.

While we’re on vacation, I’m also attending an author/reader event in Deadwood, SD.  We have activities scheduled while we’re there and I’ll have my handy phone with me everywhere to keep me on task.  I set alarms to remind me of events and between my trusty brain (I’ll wait while you finish laughing), and the alarms on my phone I’ll be good to go.

What do you do to schedule your time each week?


23 thoughts on “Scheduling a busy life”

  1. Yes, the coming and going thing can get frantic and wearying, but it looks like you are a gal with a plan. Enjoy that working vacation. 🙂

    Returning your visit for #GetSocial17

  2. I have a calendar at work that dictates my life, but Brad really doesn’t like online anything, so would not share an electronic calendar and in our personal lives, that is a goal of ours … to communicate and share as needed. So we use a big wall calendar posted over the phone in the kitchen. Yes, we still have a landline (read my series on prepping for the reason why). Although our 18 year old would use a shared online calendar if we had one, he says he finds the wall calendar works fine. It lacks portability, but if there’s something we need to take with us, we all have cell phones we can input into … and I still have my electronic slavemaster at work.

  3. I use an online calendar that is color coded so I can see right away what’s going on either with my blog, family or other. Works pretty good.


    Shari @ Delighted Reader

  4. sounds like you’re busy. I find scheduling online can be tricky for me. One wrong tap on the screen could lead you to a different day and a missed appointment. I may need a palm pilot with a little writing thingy. #getsocial17

  5. Whew, sounds like you have quite a full, busy life! I try to keep things straight by using a paper planner, and my individual days are plotted on index cards. I should own stock in index cards. #getsocial17

  6. Sounds like you found a successful way to keep track of your time. I use a small notebook planner and write everything there. It helps keep me focused. I work full-time, have church and family obligations, etc etc so writing it down helps me keep organized and pencil in “free time”. Maybe one day I’ll come into the 21st century and use my phone. Thanks for letting me visit.


    • Thanks for stopping by. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that we all find a way to organize ourselves and how ever that works is great.

  7. I have a paper planner that I use to remind me of stuff I have to do in a day. If it is an appointment with a specific time I will add it to my online calendar so I can set an alarm. I forget so much. But in my planner I have a list of what I want to accomplish in a week, then assign it a day. Then when I will look in both places every day and try to organize the activities into my regular schedule. I really love my planner! #GetSocial17

  8. I’m trying an on-line calendar and it’s been mostly successful. Still working out the kinks.

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