Setting up Friends

Scenario: You have a friend, who has always been nice/good to you. He’s a hard worker, owns his own home, holds a long-time job, comes from a good family, etc.

The issue? He’s been married and divorced 3 times. The first two times he cheated, the last time she did. He also has 4 OUIs. When you look at his record, he’s a mess.

Question: He’s now single and would love to find a nice woman to spend time with. He’s not good alone. Very lonely. Do you try to set him up with a friend/acquaintance of yours or leave that shit alone?

2 thoughts on “Setting up Friends”

  1. Sounds like there are some underlying problems he needs to deal with first before getting into a relationship with him. People only change when they want to–not even when they need to. If he’s not willing to see that or go to counseling the relationship will only end up poorly. If you set him up with your friend, it may cost your the relationship between all parties. Don’t ask me how I know. 🙂

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