Sexy, steamy, and oh sooo hot!

When I sat down to write Designing Samantha’s Love, I’d never written a book before. I just knew the time was here after a lifetime of wanting to write books. I still didn’t know how I’d publish it, or anything about the publishing industry, but the characters had been talking in my head for so long and it was time to let them out.

That was six years ago and I’ve written 17 books since then, which by today’s standards isn’t that many, but time is severely lacking in my life. But, Designing Samantha’s Love was my first. Grayson Kinkaide is seriously a dream. Mature, responsible, dependable and moderately wealthy, he’s lived through a difficult marriage, built a strong architectural business and watched his children grow and flourish. All of this while thinking he’d never find his true soul mate.

Samantha Powell’s story is much like Gray’s. A lifetime of struggling to deal with a man who suffered from depression and an overly meddling mother-in-law, and an alcoholic mother. It’s a recipe for a sad life. But, she finds herself single again, and learning who she is after all of this turmoil.

What would you do to realize your second chance?

They both have so much to over come to get their second chance.

Nothing terrifies Samantha Powell more than starting over, but after devoting three decades to a troubled man and an unhappy marriage, Sam finds the courage to seek her own happiness. She imagines a nice quiet life filled with friends, family, and a career that leaves no room for relationship drama. Unfortunately, no one told the alluring Grayson Kinkaide.

After escaping a bad marriage of his own, Grayson realizes his soul mate is still out there and his heart is set on Sam. Their instant attraction begins a steamy affair, but the women of Grayson’s past aren’t ready to let him go. Grayson must convince Sam that she is the only one for him.

Designing Samantha’s Love is Book One in PJ Fiala’s smoking hot Second Chances series. If you love sensual sex scenes, a second chance at love and imperfect characters learning to love who they are, you’ll love this exciting series.  Start your second chance journey now.

Steamy Romance. Must be over 18 to read this book!

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