How did they get home?

When I wrote Moving to You, I felt that the story was complete. I loved the way it ended and it seemed that JT and Kayden’s story was in the books, as they say. Then, a couple nights after release I woke in the middle of the night, feeling a bit panicked because I’d left them in South Dakota all alone. Well, they were with each other and had Dakota, but the rest of the Sheppard clan had come back home to Green Bay and left JT and Kayden out in SD to wrap up her dad’s estate and sell her property.

For some reason the next few days I couldn’t get that out of my head. It seemed wrong. So I sat down and began writing Moving Home. I needed them to come home and apparently they needed me to get them home, so putting fingers to keyboard, I had their story written in short order.

I enjoyed how their road home was not only smooth, but wrought with turmoil and angst. They can’t get mad at me, they were bugging me to write it, so they get what they get. Which, I’m happy to say is back home.

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