The Dynamic Dana Marton

For the next few weeks I’ll be inviting my fellow box set authors from Duty, Honor & Love to guest blog here so you can meet them. I’m so excited to be in a set with these ladies and I’m sure you’ll see why as you meet them.

First up, Dana Marton.

By now, you’ve heard all about our fabulous box set and the great cause we’re supporting. Thank you so much for helping us!!! I hope we can make a difference together.

I’m the BONUS in the box set. I LOVE it!!! I’ve never been a bonus before. It makes me feel special.

WHEN YOU RETURN TO ME is a Christmas short story. It’s a story of faith and love, a story of never giving up. Maggie’s fiancé was shot down over enemy territory and is now listed MIA. All Maggie wants for Christmas is his return.

When a reader wrote me, telling me that she’s in this exact same situation, it broke my heart. She was incredibly gracious and told me that my little story gave her hope. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about her since. I pray that she got her own happy ending.

I didn’t serve, but my husband did. So did his father. His grandfather served in the Pacific during WWII and got malaria. His great-great-great etc. grandfather served in the Civil War and lost his left leg. The man’s brother-in-law lost his right leg at the same time. They wore the same shoe size, so they used to go out, buy a pair of shoes, then split it. Their photo is in a book on local history.

So, you see, our vets are very important to me. Thank you so much for contributing to this cause!!!!

Author Dana Marton (If you’d like to read a longer work from me, visit my web site and claim your FREE book.)

Dana is graciously giving away a signed copy of her book, When You Return to Me.  All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us if you know anyone who has served or is serving in the armed forces.

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  1. I know many active military people. I have worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Air Force Reserve Command and the US Navy. There are also many civilians who volunteer to serve in non-combat positions in the Middle East. Many are friends of mine and many are on Facebook also.

  2. I know of some people who served, or are serving. They are relatives of some friends. I also used to know someone who was trying to get enlisted. I’m not sure that he ever did, but I don’t speak to him anymore 🙁

  3. Both of my nephews serve in the army.
    They have just completed their first year. One is is stationed in NewYork, and The other in Texas. We miss them, but are super proud that they chose to serve their country! ??????

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