They keep getting better and better.

I’ve been showing you my new covers this month and I feel like I keep saying the same things! But, dang, they are so pretty. I love couples on the covers. I love that these covers better represent my characters. And, I give all credit to Deranged Doctor Designs for the incredible work they’ve done on these beauties.

Wyatt and Yvette meet by chance. Jax Masters Sager, Wyatt’s teammate and friend is tasked with picking Yvette up at the airport as a favor. When he sees the condition Yvette is in, he goes from slightly irritated to wildly protective so fast a speeding freight train couldn’t keep up. And, that’s one of the things I love about this story. Despite the fact these two try to stay away from each other because Jax has given them both the lecture, they can’t seem to do it.

Defending Yvette

GHOST: Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team. They eliminate the threat when no one else can.

When GHOST special operative, Wyatt Lawson, is tasked with helping out the friend of a friend, he decides it’s his good deed for the day. It’s not his normal offering as he’s usually tracking down criminals and putting a stop to crimes. That’s what this brawny, gruff man enjoys.

When the friend of a friend, Yvette Jacobson arrives, he finds a beaten and broken woman afraid of her own shadow. Immediately the medic in him jumps into action and begins assessing the damage. As he spends time with Yvette, his protective instincts take over and he finds the damaged beauty alluring.

But when she shares the reason she was beaten and that danger is now likely at his door, Wyatt has no choice but to treat her as any other victim he’s worked with and put up defenses to protect his daughter. Despite the fact he’s attracted to her, he needs to keep this professional.

When Yvette puts herself in harms way under the pretense that she’s saving others, this warrior will move mountains to bring the lovely woman home and make her his. That is if he can get to her in time.


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