Travel Experiences and Anticdotes

We’re sharing travel experiences or anticdotes with you today.

I like talking about travel.  I like traveling, well if its for fun. Traveling for business isn’t as entertaining or relaxing as pleasure travel, so, there’s that.

By now you know when we travel, its usually on a motorcycle or two and usually packing is done very efficiently.  I’ve blogged about packing, you can find that here  and I have a travel checklist here.  I’ve also blogged about some of our travel experiences, you can read those by typing “travel” in the search box at the right.

As each year passes a new favorite pops up. So to say I have an all-time favorite place I’ve traveled would be tough, but I do have some highlights.

I fell in love with Cody Wyoming a couple of years ago. I hope to go back some day, maybe in a year or two. The stories we read about the west, its weather and scenery is all true. The color of the mountains is what struck me first as we drove into the state of Wyoming from South Dakota. The reds, oranges and yellows painting the landscape before us had our whole group in awe.  I always wonder how long it takes a person to live in an area before you take for granted what others see as simply spectacular.

Last year our group rode through Colorado. We put on 1,900 miles in just Colorado and each day was a bit more spectacular than the next. The mountains were unending and the weather had it all, cold, hot and somewhere in between. 

Last, I love South Dakota. We’ve been through there several times on bike and I always look forward to going back. Sturgis calls only once every few years, it’s growing by leaps and bounds and I don’t mind telling you, standing elbow to elbow with a bunch of people I don’t know isn’t my idea of a great time. But, I do love the area and biking through the Black Hills is simply stunning.

I guess you could say that I’m a western girl at heart.  Where have you traveled that you loved?  Please comment below and tell me.

I’m traveling on to my fellow bloggers to see where they like to travel.

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