3 Creative People Who Inspire Me

This week on Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about 3 creative people who inspire us and in an added twist, if they collaborated to make a product, what would it be?

This is a rather fun topic.  It’s also a bit daunting, but I’m up for the challenge.

The first creative person who inspires me is Scott Jacobs.  I wrote about Scott recently and the admiration I have for his work.  (See post here.)  I absolutely love the You Tube videos he has, I could watch him paint, draw and just how he sets up to do either, for hours on end.

The second creative person who inspires me is my son, Zach.  He sees things a bit differently than most people do.  I honestly think his calling is in the engineering field.  He enjoys working with motors and equipment as well as smaller projects.  A few summers ago, he created a 1-row plow for small gardens.  He made it out of miscellaneous parts he had in his garage.  He’s built a Charger from a car that was given up for junk to a beautiful drivable car.  

Zach has also built this mini jeep from scratch, by welding a frame, and taking the motor from a 400 Suzuki eiger 4 wheeler.  He purchased the body and has putting it together over this past winter.

The third creative person who inspires me is not just one person, but many.  My niece, Kayla, is creative and has done some fabulous things with her home.  Both of my daughters-in-law are creative and I enjoy seeing the things they do.  I’m inspired daily by people around me, by television shows, by fellow authors, by pictures I see online, etc.  I am so proud of the people I am surrounded by who are artists in their own way and they inspire me every day.

Now if these folks were to collaborate, I think we’d see beautifully painted and decorated vehicles that could do amazing things, or could be super fun to play around with.  They’d also collaborate to bring us things we can use in our daily lives.  Things that could brighten up our days and help us visually explore our world.

I’d love to know who inspires you?  Comment below and then let’s hop over to see how my fellow bloggers are inspired by.

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