All the things!

We’ve been busy in the Fiala household. Too busy, actually.

I’ve been writing like crazy, squeezing in flower planting when I can. We’ve painted the bedroom and bathroom in the basement, cleaned up landscaping (still more to do), worked on our flower watering system before we lay mulch down and a couple of secret projects I’m excited about but can’t say anything yet.


But, the weather is warming, the sun is shining as I write this post and life is pretty danged good. I included some pictures for you to see some of what we’ve accomplished outside. The whiskey barrel will have a pot on it this week. The old buckets, one just a bucket, and the other a Harley Davidson bucket are serving as planters. The succulent planter used to be a fountain but the bottom cracked and it doesn’t hold water anymore, so now it’s a planter. And, the Orioles are back. I just love watching them.

Big Sale is PJ Fiala’s Shop

I have a sale in my Shop this month – 25% off Second Chances books – Designing Samantha’s Love and Securing Keira’s Love. AND all Bluegrass Security eBooks, Audiobooks and Paperbacks are 25% off. Now that’s a sale. So, if you’re adding to your spring reading, don’t miss out on the chance to save some money – 25%!!!!!

Rescuing Kenna releases this month!

I’m so excited about this story. It’s one I will remember forever. It has all the feels for sure. If you love getting books early, preorder Rescuing Kenna from my shop and you’ll get it a week earlier than anyone else!

GHOST: Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team. They eliminate the threat when no one else can.

He’s a GHOST operative trying to keep the peace.
She’s a process server determined to do her job.
Together they are caught up in a war neither will back down from.

Spencer Lawson has observed the criminal behavior of the people of Hickory Hills Kentucky and knows they are dangerous. When the police chief walks into the GHOST compound with a battered and bruised Kenna Lawrence, Spencer’s protective hackles raise. As he watches, Kenna’s determination to do her job is admirable, but he knows she’s in danger, even if the stubborn woman refuses heed his warnings.

When Kenna comes to town and finds herself having to serve court documents to the leader of Hickory Hills, she learns quickly they want nothing to do with the US government. Not only that, they give her a small taste of what will happen if she ventures up their mountain again.

With Kenna caught in a war between right and wrong, Spencer will do everything in his power to Rescue Kenna.


USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala brings you the GHOST Legacy series—heroes willing to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and for the men and women they love. A novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.