Spencer rescued Kenna from her past and her present.

But, Kenna also rescued Spencer. That’s the thing about love, both parties rescue the other from something – – loneliness, heartbreak, dispar, or even themselves in some cases.

All this to say, Rescuing Kenna is here!

As with every release, there are so many people to thank for the assistance and encouragement they give me.

I’ve been publishing 10 years now, and during that time, I’ve amassed a fantastic team to help me bring every book out into the world.

Gene – my husband and biggest fan. I normally thank him last, but I don’t think that’s fair. He’s the one who listens to my story dilemmas when I’m stuck. He’s the one who talks me through story ideas. He’s the one who supported me and my publishing dreams from the first day, and he still supports my publishing today.

He’s also the one who cooks and helps out around the house when I’m on deadline, and picks up the slack. So, thank you Gene, for all you do for me.

Julie Collier – My PA, Julie does a fantastic job of keeping all the balls in the air. She also makes all of my fantastic teasers, schedules posts for me and talks things out with me. Julie, seriously, thank you.

April Bennett – My editor. April takes a rough draft and polishes it to a shining star. She does an incredible job with her editing finesse and I appreciate all she does. Thank you April.

Deranged Doctor Designs is responsible for this incredibly beautiful cover. It’s seriously one of my favorites. 

Amy Ball – Amy is responsible for the audio marketing of all of my books. And, while Rescuing Kenna is not quite ready in audio (though it will be soon), Amy will make sure the audio teasers are created and the word gets out about the audiobook. Amy also pulls the teasers and quotes from the book we use for social media. So, Amy, thank you so very much.

Yvonne Cruz and Kim Brougher – these ladies are my beta readers and they do an incredible job. They continue the polishing process with grace and ease. I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, but absolutely not least, I have a fantastic support system in my reader group, PJ Fiala’s Road Queens. These ladies name characters, places, towns, businesses, and more. They play games with me, they chat with me every week and they keep it positive and supportive in the Road Queens group. Thank you all so very much for all you do.  I adore you.

So, get your copy of Rescuing Kenna today!

USAT author PJ Fiala, brings you the next generation of GHOST operatives set in the small-town of Glen Hollow, Kentucky, where a long-standing rivalry is brewing into an all out war, and love comes calling even in the worst of times.

GHOST: Government Hidden Ops Specialty Team. They eliminate the threat when no one else can.

He’s a GHOST operative trying to keep the peace.

She’s a process server determined to do her job.

Together they are caught up in a war neither will back down from.

Spencer Lawson has observed the criminal behavior of the people of Hickory Hills Kentucky and knows they are dangerous. When the police chief walks into the GHOST compound with a battered and bruised Kenna Lawrence, Spencer’s protective hackles raise. As he watches, Kenna’s determination to do her job is admirable, but he knows she’s in danger, even if the stubborn woman refuses heed his warnings.

When Kenna comes to town and finds herself having to serve court documents to the leader of Hickory Hills, she learns quickly they want nothing to do with the US government. Not only that, they give her a small taste of what will happen if she ventures up their mountain again.

With Kenna caught in a war between right and wrong, Spencer will do everything in his power to Rescue Kenna.


USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala brings you the GHOST Legacy series—heroes willing to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and for the men and women they love. A novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.