Can a hero be shy?

I think a hero can be shy. A man can be shy, and still be strong and believe in protecting his mate/partner/love. I think shy people are often mistaken for being weak and that is so not true. Not at all.

Moving to Hope is about a shy hero, Ryder, meeting someone he is attracted to and fighting the shyness, insecurity of asking her out. Going out on a date. That first everything that an extrovert thinks little about.

But, Ryder isn’t shy when it comes to protecting his love and we see that in Moving to Hope. Ryder is able to navigate his shyness to protect Molly and he does it in his own way. That’s what I love about him.

Moving to Hope

A former Marine with a shy side. A sexy photographer with a dark secret. If it doesn’t break them apart, they’ll have a fight on their hands. Ryder Sheppard falls hard and fast for the sultry Molly Bates. When he realizes just how much trouble she’s in, he doesn’t waste a second devising a way to save the woman he’s fallen in love with. This war veteran quickly learns that facing your enemy is one thing, facing a psychotic killer is something entirely different.

Molly has had to grow up fast – – too fast. She’s finally in a good place, both emotionally and financially, when she meets shy yet sexy Ryder and starts to believe love could be in her future. but that happiness is short-lived when her past comes back with a killer vengeance.

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