A wounded hero and a hero confronted with secrets from his father. Can they find love?

When I wrote Moving to Forever I had researched wounded veterans and only a handful of the issues they face coming home changed. All veterans come home mentally changed. War shoves death, fear of death, the realization that death is near and watching someone you care about die right into the faces of young men and women.

But, coming home to people who simply don’t understand what has truly happened to you is only the beginning. What happens when you’re physically changed? What happens when the job you used to do is not tooled for your new body? That once again takes an emotional toll.

At the same time, I needed Danny to be someone that didn’t dwell too deep into this mindset for my story. So, I didn’t write deeply into the mental ravages of war, just the surfacy stuff. Afterall, this is a romance. My goal was to write about a man who came home changed and wondered if anyone would ever really love him. Then, he met Tammy. Tammy didn’t see what Danny couldn’t do, she saw what he could do. Tammy had her own issues to deal with and enjoyed spending time with Danny. They became friends and lovers and I still enjoy their story today!

Moving to Forever


Moving to Desire – Gunnar Sheppard is Joci’s son from a previous, disastrous relationship. He grew up without a father but always wanted one. After he was grown he learned a bit more about his father and let’s say, it wasn’t that great. Until a box of pictures shows up. To say secrets from the past and present come out is an understatement. A family he didn’t know he had, a hidden crime and a father who he thought he knew about but didn’t all come crashing down on Gunnar.

He meets Emma just prior to finding out about his quirky family and trying to explain all the weirdness to someone you’re falling in love with is daunting. Emma is dealing with coming back to town after a seven year absence and a big secret of her own. These two have hurdles upon hurdles to overcome. I enjoyed writing Moving to Desire so much. It mixes my two loves together perfectly, suspense and steamy romance. What’s not to love.

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