Can you hear me?

I’ve spent the first months of this year producing my backlist into audiobooks. I’ve so enjoyed listening to the books as they are brought to life by my amazing narrators – Troy Duran and Rose Dioro. These two just knock it out of the park.

Saving Shelby is book one in my RAPTOR series. RAPTOR is an acronym for Revenge And Protect Team Operation Rescue. The RAPTOR group began when Emersyn Copeland and her team were on a mission to rescue three children who’d been kidnapped and were sent across the world to be trafficked. Just as they found the children, they were told to “stand down” and they were pissed. But they stayed in place and watched and realized the children were being moved.

They acted against orders and rescued the children, told their sergeant to bugger off and started RAPTOR, determined to get revenge on the leadership they knew was corrupt and rescue women and children who are being trafficked.

In Saving Shelby, Diego is our operative and he’s on a mission to track down two children kidnapped by their aunt, before she does them harm. The children’s father told RAPTOR, Shelby, killed his wife and would do the same to the children.

Diego watches and sees something completely different than they were led to believe and is now caught between following orders or going rogue.

Troy and Rose did a fantastic job of bringing Diego, Shelby and the kids to life in their narration of Saving Shelby. You can listen to the first chapter here –

I have the first chapter of many of my books uploaded to my YouTube channel and I’ll get this one up there soon too. But in the meantime, feel free to check out the other first chapters here – –

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Do you like to listen to audiobooks? I listen while doing house work, gardening and other things that require me to have my hands free.