Charly and Sam’s first Valentine’s

I love Charly and Sam’s story. Each of them admiring the other from afar. Don’t you think it’s common when two professionals are busy with their lives and those nagging doubts are at the back of their heads, that they don’t have time for another person? I can’t think of anything more real.

Sam’s a busy detective. Charly’s a busy operative. Neither have a 9-5 job, neither knows when they’ll be home. To plan a date and have to cancel sounds, not only like a headache, but like you’re putting the other person off. So, what do they do? They ignore their own feelings and keep their heads down.

That’s what Sam and Charly did until they couldn’t any more.

This is their first Valentine’s together and how do you think Charly and Sam will celebrate?

I think they’ll buy a bottle of wine, maybe pick up some nice steaks, after all Sam is a good cook. And they’ll try for a quiet evening at home. Will that happen? Only time will tell, but if the criminal element in Lynyrd Station could just give them a night off, they’d be golden!

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


A female operative with a point to prove.
A seasoned cop with a case to solve.
And the passion that ignites…

RAPTOR operative Charlesia Sampson is no damsel in distress. Surviving an explosion in the Army gave her more grit than glory, and now she’ll destroy anyone who tries to hold her back. Dangerous missions are her forte. But when she’s found at a murder scene, everything changes.

Finding Charly at the murder scene was difficult for Sam Bowers. But when the truth comes to light, Sam sees Charly differently. Together, they’re determined to uncover the murderer and find a missing child–all while denying their need for one another.

One thing is certain: the sexy detective is CRAVING CHARLESIA.

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Enjoy an excerpt of Craving Charlesia.

“Why are you single, Sam Bowers?”
His face scrunched at the question and the memories. Most of them bad.
“I’m divorced. She couldn’t take my job. My hours are unpredictable and she wanted more. Steady. Regular. I couldn’t offer that.”
Charly stepped into his space. Her left arm reached up and softly brushed down his cheek. He could hear the miniature motors running as her fingers opened and closed. Her eyes were watching as her left hand mimicked the gentle lover’s motion. Then her eyes shifted to his. “I so wish I could feel with this hand. I wanted it so badly last night.”
“Is that why you frowned when we were in the shower?”
She only nodded and he watched the wistfulness in her expression.
“You make up for it in other ways, you know.”
She smiled. “Like how?”
“Like, with your right hand…” He lifted her right hand to his lips and kissed her fingers. “You caressed me so completely. Like you were trying to memorize how I felt under your touch. Your expression said it all. You touched everywhere you could.” He then lifted her left hand and kissed her fingers. “You felt like no other. Ever. Your body fits mine. You move with purpose. You showed me without words how much you wanted me. You did it without fake platitudes of promise. You did it with all that is you, Charlesia Sampson.”
Her eyes glistened with moisture and she blinked rapidly. He pulled her into him, his legs opening so she could stand between them. He bent down and kissed her lips again. This time with purpose. With need. With wanting. He hoped he could convey to her with his body how much he wanted her. It was a feeling he’d never had before. Even when he’d first met his ex. This was wholly different. Maybe because he’d matured. Maybe because he had a better understanding of life and how fleeting it was. And, maybe it was because Charlesia Sampson was his soul mate. Maybe it was all of that.