Do you write a to-do list?

I do. Everyday. I get a weird satisfaction from crossing things off that list. And, when I’ve finished everything, I enjoy looking back at it and seeing all that I had accomplished.

What about you?

12 thoughts on “Do you write a to-do list?”

  1. Dana ZamoraDana Zamora

    I don’t, but I make grocery lists that I forget sometimes, I make a list when I go on vacation so I don’t forget to pack something

  2. NathalieNathalie

    yes, i do… and then i can check of only one or maybe two tasks before i have to abandon the others, so my To-Do-Lists are ever growing Causes of disappointment and feeling like a Failure.

  3. Karen LeBeauKaren LeBeau

    Yes definitely! If I don’t see it written out I will forget it for sure!
    Nothing like pen and paper!

  4. MelissaMelissa

    I do!! I even write down something I did that’s not on the list so i can then cross it out!🤗 What ever I don’t get done goes to the top of tomorrow’s list!

  5. Nicole (Nicky) OrtizNicole (Nicky) Ortiz

    No. But I make lists for my mom like what she needs to pick up from different stores. Christmas her grandkids and what she brought she has 13 grandkids.

  6. Theresa NatoleTheresa Natole

    I am known for my lists. It keeps me organized and calm LOL

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