Eating Around the World

For regular readers, you know that we have the kids and grandkids over every Saturday for family dinner.  This week we had plans on Saturday and switched it to Sunday.  You probably also know that we have everyone write on a piece of paper what they want to eat and we draw from the “bowl” for next week’s dinner.  Last week we decided to shake that up just a bit and we asked the kids to write down a Country from which their meal originates and then a meal from that country.  It’s just too easy to get into a rut.

This week’s pick was Gene’s and he selected Asian food and especially Chop Suey.

First of all, this is probably a very Americanized version of Chop Suey, but over the years, it’s been changed to meet my family’s tastes and last night this one was complemented a lot!

For an hors d’ ouvre we served mini egg rolls. (Unfortunately time didn’t allow me to make them, so we purchased the frozen rolls. They were okay but sadly empty inside.)

Next week, we’re eating in Germany!