Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

I started a diet a few weeks ago, actually right after I left my day job and began writing full time. The writer’s curse is that we sit for long periods of time and then we gain weight. I’m trying not to let that happen. So, I started on Optavia. As of this writing, I’ve …

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Gluten Free Over-night Holiday Breakfast Casserole

I’d like to introduce myself;  My name is Mrs. James and I’m the cook at the GHOST compound.  I’d tell you more, but I’m under strict orders not to say more than is needed.  BUT, I can share some of my recipes, which PJ said I could do.   It doesn’t have to be a holiday …

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Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

I’ve always loved this salad. It’s perfect for a summer get together or a winter casual party.  It’s always good and the crunch and flavor are satisfying.  Have you made this salad and how does your’s differ?  Let’s share.  My recipe card won’t let me add the picture, so I’ve added it here. (Technology – …

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Irish Cream Brownie Dessert

I saw this made on a video on Facebook and it looked soooooo good, I just had to try it.   Truth be told, you could just make the brownie cake, then mix up the topping and freeze it and use it as a  modified cool whip.  The way this dessert is made, it’s time consuming, …

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Parmesan Chicken Pizza Crust

My granddaughter was on a salt free diet for a while so I began looking for recipes we could make that were salt free.  I found this recipe and we had fun making individual pizzas.  Without salt it is a bit bland, but it sure was good.  Also, if your cutting carbs this is perfect.