How did Piper end up in Lucifer’s Den?

In Promising Piper, out next week, January 27, 2022, Piper finds herself working her first field case for RAPTOR. Piper, as a Team Cyber Operative, usually sits at RAPTOR headquarters behind a computer, safe and sound from the evils of the world at large.

But, Charlesia is compromised in the field, Emmy struggles with mobility and that leaves Piper.

Piper is smart and she’s very well trained, but her self-doubts lead her down a couple paths she shouldn’t take as she navigates work as a field operative. And isn’t that what it’s like being new at anything? We all learn somewhere, but, unfortunately for Piper, it could cost her her life!

Preorder Promising Piper now and wake up with Royce Roman, sexy quarterback extraordinaire on January 27th. The RAPTOR team is getting closer to the leaders of a large trafficking ring. Will they be able to catch them this time?


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