Things aren’t what they seem here.

When I wrote Moving to You, I knew JT’s road to love couldn’t be the usual. He was the Sheppard brother who had held out the longest, not wanting entanglements, or to be held down. He felt he finally had the opportunity to show his father that he could design bikes and make a name for himself.

Moving to You

Then he met Kayden and her little girl Dakota and life took on a whole different dimension. Kayden’s father, Oakes, was an old friend of Dog’s, and JT had known Oakes for years. But, he’d never met Kayden.

Finding out that things weren’t as they seemed on the surface at OK Leather’s Saloon changed all of the Sheppards in so many ways.

Join JT and Kayden as they navigate secrets, lies, drugs, a bike gang, and doing it all while falling in love.