How do you work while traveling?

Working while traveling, can it be done.

This is a great week to discuss this topic, because as I write this, I am far away from home, in Deadwood, SD, for a vacation/book signing event.  So, I can speak with experience on this matter.

As I packed for this event, one thought kept running through my mind – I have a deadline.  As usual, I have a tight deadline to get my next story, Securing Kiera’s Love, to my editor and, while the story is coming along very nicely, it’s not finished. My deadline is the day I return home from vacation.  That means, I have to work while on vacation.

My regular schedule requires me to get up at 4:30 every morning to get a certain amount of work done before I go to work. 😼  I still work four days a week at a law office, and during working hours I can’t be working on my “real” work or my “love”, writing stories.  So, as happens, my body clock wakes me and I pull myself out of bed to write while The Biker sleeps.  After a cup of coffee, my brain is refreshed and ready to write and I’ll be able to get most, if not all, of my daily word count in before he wakes up.  That leaves the rest of my day free to have a bit of fun.  The best part about this particular vacation is that we’ve brought our bikes with us. That serves several purposes.  While riding I have the time to run my stories through my head. Therefore, with the words on the page in the morning, my brain is free to work through the next few scenes in my story. Plus, we’re riding and that always boosts my creative juices.  There’s just something about the freedom of riding that gets me going.

 One of the things that’s great about being a writer, is that I can write from anywhere. To get my story on paper (or computer) I don’t even need an internet connection, so it’s perfect.  As a matter of fact, when I retire from my “day” job, I’ll write while traveling and travel while writing.  I can’t think of a more perfect job.

How about you, how do you work while traveling?  Let me know and then let’s hop on over and see what my fellow bloggers do to get their work done while traveling.

4 thoughts on “How do you work while traveling?”

  1. I can’t do the whole get-up-early thing except on vacation. During my ordinary life, I am not an early riser. Definitely a night owl. I get up about an hour before I have to head to work … not enough time to write. But on vacation …. Brad loves to sleep in on vacations, and I just can’t. I get up at my normal time, which can sometimes give me an hour or two of writing time. Often we don’t go anywhere with connectivity or electricity, so I don’t bother to bring my laptop, but that’s where the trusty notebook and pen comes in. But I do love it when we’re in the Lower 48 and all I have to do is open the laptop.

    I’m betting you get all sorts of inspiration from your travels since you write about bikers and many of your vacations involve biking.

    • Inspiration comes in all sorts of forms. Biking allows me to relax and clear my head, which then brings inspiration. Also, biking with friends, usually allows me to glean snippets of stories that I can distort and morph into something for a book. It’s really true, anyone around me may be in a book in some fashion.

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