Inspiration hits at the funniest times

This week we’re talking about when inspiration hits.  It’s funny when a nugget of inspiration hits.  It’s almost always when I’m not looking for it.  It can be an unusual character quirk or meeting someone who I find isn’t that nice of a person. (Those are the best ones, I like writing those folks in and making things happen to them.) People are interesting beings and no two are the same. 

My biggest piece of inspiration came when I was almost finished writing Designing Samantha’s Love.  My husband and I were on the deck of a bar after signing up to ride in a charity ride.  As I stood on that deck, I looked across the parking lot at all the people milling about and chatting. I noticed something kind of interesting. Three couples that my husband and I are friends with were in attendance that day and all three of these couples had been married to their spouses. Divorced those spouses and were now remarried to that same spouse.  That’s when I thought about second chances and how often they actually happen.  

Then I noticed a man we’ve known forever, who is in his late forties and has never married.  Not sure why, just hasn’t. But he’s always happy and joking around.  There was a woman there who had been involved in a robbery at gun point and survived.  I stood there looking at these people I have known for years and realized that there are millions of stories out there and so I started tucking these little nuggets away to bring them to life in my own way in books.  

Have you been inspired?  What inspired you and what did you do about it?  It doesn’t have to be about writing.  After you tell me below, let’s hop over and see what my fellow bloggers have been inspired about.  



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  1. Love it when a real person can step into a story and fit. I’m judicious about it, but some real people just belong in fiction.

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